Wednesday, June 13, 2018

View of the back of Mision Cristiana Elim

I'm continuing my series looking into some of the areas of the neighborhood that were never really meant to be on display.  You can't do much better than the church at Morse and Ashland.

This was originally the reform synagogue Temple Mizpah, and I've written about it a bit here.  There's a substantial parking lot on the east, which was intended to be the main sanctuary but was never built.  The result is that the building (and the block) remains forever unfinished.

But the unfinished nature of the property allows for a glimpse into the service areas.  All of the loading and unloading spaces, and all of the mechanical accommodations are on full display.  In some ways it's as complex a design as the architectural expression found on the primary facade.  And over the years it's been modified and altered to better meet the needs of the building.  How many more masonry boxes will be built before it finds equilibrium?