Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Clark and Northshore, southeast corner

This building has a nice little classical treatment on the corner and some decent brickwork.

Believe it or not, I now have some information about these buildings. I wasted a federal holiday to look up the permits. I hate microfilm- it makes me motion sick. Anyway, drumroll please:

6659-61 N. Clark
Permit Date: Dec. 13, 1922
Owner: J.J. Rosen
Architect: B. Leo Steif
Contractor: J.J. Erickson
Cost: $45,000

(Note: I've gone back and added some of this information to previous posts)

Useful, isn't it? Just for fun, I counted up how many more corner buildings I need to complete this project. 31 more. I have 13. At least I have something to work on over the winter.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rogers and Clark, northwest corner

Architect: Maurice L. Bien

By including the billboard in this picture am I a tool of corporate propaganda? And shouldn't I get paid for that?

Hey, mark down June 19th on your calendar. I'll be giving one of the Preservation Snapshots Lectures at the Chicago Cultural Center, from 12:15 until 1:00. This is a series of semi-informal talks sponsored by Landmarks Illinois. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to say by then. Maybe Ultra Local Geography 3 will be ready... Anyway, it's good to have deadlines.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Clark and Arthur, northwest corner

Built: 1916
Architect: C.W. Westerlund
Cost: $30,000

I have the day off! Basically, this means I get to finish painting Felix's room. Next weekend will be the hard part- getting out to IKEA, loading a toddler bed, and getting it home in one piece. Already Felix's room is pretty cool, complete with a remote control moon/nightlight hung on the wall. According to Angela, there are big cloud and airplane wall decals on their way.

We had great Fall weather this weekend. Nice to extend it for a day, even if there's no one around to enjoy it with me. I could have kept Felix home, but I'm not anxious to have him around a big bucket of paint.