Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New York Kosher, 2900 W. Devon (originally posted 2/18/10)

Just realized that this sign has been removed!  Sad. According to Jewish News Online it was sold on Ebay and a documentary crew filmed the removal.  The owner received a letter from the city requiring that he get a permit for it.  It had only been hanging there for 40 years... Instead he chose to get rid of it.

The West Ridge neighborhood (also called West Rogers Park) has the unusual distinction of being the center of two types of Jewish communties at different times.  Back in the 50s and 60s this was a heavily conservative/reform Jewish neighborhood.  Now it's the center of an orthodox Jewish community.  But there are a few remnants from the old neighborhood that have remained and seem to function just as they did.  This kosher deli is one of them.  On the opposite corner is Levinson's bakery, which falls into the same category.

It's hard to see with this scan, but there's a number 48 in the oval sign on top. I believe it refers to USDA Establishment 48, which is Best's Kosher inspection designation.  Oddly, Best's Kosher is now owned by Sara Lee.


  1. I lived quite near to this store back in the 60s. Sadly, Sara Lee no longer produces the Best Kosher product line. We're back to Vienna Beef.

  2. Is that why I can't find Best Kosher salami at Dominicks anymore? Mystery solved.