Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LSI Industries, Inc. - 5535 N. Wolcott

LSI Industries, Inc. produces wholesale heathcare supplies.  Basically, they manufacturer a whole bunch of products that I pray I'll never need but probably will.  This website is worth viewing just for the creepy image they've posted above the name and qualifications of the founder.  

This is part of a large industrial area directly south of Rosehill Cemetery.  I've driven past many times, but there's no better place than the train to view the site.  I would love to explore this on foot, but sadly I've left my trespassing days behind me.  Nowadays in order to gain access I would have to present myself as a serious scholar of industrial architecture.  Might be worth a try.


  1. Trains really give a good view of the place.

    There is at least one place I might have never visited had it not been for the train - The Graceland Cemetery.. and what a wonderful place ..

    Try entering the place and taking photos..
    As someone told me, it's easier to apologize than to take permission. Sometimes noone stops you.

  2. Thanks Jyoti. I may give it a shot. Sometimes if you just act confident people assume you belong there. Or sometimes they call the police.

  3. The building was built for the Maclean-Fogg Locknut Co.
    Their name is in stone above the entrance.
    For many years it was the Gasway Co.