Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Greenleaf and Clark, northeast corner

Built: 1911

Rocky's Futbol Taqueria! Burritos as big as a futbol! Last week they changed their awnings to a scary orange and black design. I guess this means they're doing well.

When I go to a new Thai restaurant I always order the Pad See Ew (which everyone spells differently). This way I can compare the same dish and decide if the place is any good. For Mexican places I recommend the same thing, but with chile rellenos (fried poblano peppers stuffed with cheese). I've been meaning to try out this method with all the Rogers Park taquerias. Some day...

Hey, Angela got a job! This means we can afford name brand cereal again.

I got my first cell phone, which does not make me proud. It's a Virgin Mobile phone, and all the advertising is geared towards 16 year olds without a credit card.
(Note: Since this was posted Rocky's Taqueria got some new awnings, which are not much better.)

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