Thursday, January 10, 2008

And now in color...

Did I ever mention that these are eventually worked out in color? It's my cut-rate version of grisaille painting, with grey markers and colored pencil. The tone sketch is just to help me simplify things. I tried working entirely in colored marker last year, but it just made everything look so darn cheerful.

Our car is in the shop. After pouring money into it so we could get to Ohio safely (which we did) the steering went out entirely on Monday. And of course, steering isn't covered by the extended warranty.

I submitted a proposal to lead a tour downtown for the "Great Places and Spaces" festival, which offers hundreds of free tours of Chicago in May. I proposed "The LaSalle Street Canyon Tour," and invited Professor Euan to be co-tour guide. I'll look at things from the architectural standpoint, and he can talk about geography and social history. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

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