Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Clark and Lunt, northeast corner- 1890s through 2008

Our corner is on the far right. At this point (1890s) it was a post office.

Who doesn't love an old timey bus? Here's the first Philip's Bank. c. 1915?

Here's the upgrade of Philip's Bank in the 1920s.

And here's the triumphant replacement. I believe it was built in 1997, two years after I moved to Chicago.


  1. Sorry to see that bank building go. Why don't strip malls just put parking in the back? I know parking lots off of streets mean more for the bottom line but the destruction to the urban landscape is immeasureable.

  2. My theory? Builders feel clerks won't want to watch two doors, front and back. Can't prove this yet...

    I've seen some strip malls with rear parking that provide a corridor to the main entrance on the sidwalk, but these are rare.