Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Safety at Morse and Glenwood!

Rogers Park was recently blessed with a new device, courtesy of the Chicago Police Department. It's a video camera in a box at the northwest intersection of Glenwood and Morse. It has a blue strobe light and the police insignia, in case you were in danger of overlooking it. Glenwood and Morse has a reputation (not-unearned) of being a trouble-spot. But cameras can't see around corners.

  High tech surveillance never makes me feel safer. I know that somewhere in an accounting department someone is trying to figure out how many cameras equal one police officer.


  1. Can we go back in the professor's "Way back machine" to the days of Ashkenaz, Kerr's and the Morseview Drug Store?

  2. Never back! Forward, into a brave new world!