Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Cullerton Cottages!

Here are some more of these great 1-story homes in K-Town.  And I haven't yet touched the ones built in the Craftsman style on 21st Street.
According to the assessor, all of these were built in 1911 and range from 896 sq.ft. to 1,048 sq.ft.  The one on the left has a limestone facade, while the two to the right are brick with stone details.  The central house has the original canopy roof, but the columns have been replaced with a single steel support. 

So I finally tracked down the K-Town National Register Nomination, and was suprised to find an advertisement for the homes in the area created circa 1910.  And in Czech, of course.  I can't quite figure out the source of the ad, but that doesn't stop me from posting it here.

And take a look at the home third from the left.  It's a tiny greystone! And at $3,200 the price is right... Unfortunately my Czech is non-existent, otherwise it would be interesting to see how these were presented to potential buyers.


  1. My sister owns a similar house in Cicero.

  2. Really? Are there a lot of them there? Can you give me the intersection?

  3. Long time reader, first time commenter. Google Translate can help solve this mystery. First, it's Czech not Polish. Second, here's a rough translation:

    -the lunar installments-
    Houses are found in the town where the property will always be near because of street and elevated railways which are well centered and departed.
    These are all sold on monthly installments.
    I have lots for sale
    The western 20, 21 and 22 Place Street between South 42 and 44 Avenue
    Cement sidewalks water and sewer all set
    On 3149 22nd street

  4. Thanks Angela! If that is your real name.