Saturday, May 3, 2008

Clark and Devon, northwest corner

Built: 1905

Last year the owners removed the plywood covering above the storefronts and revealed these great old painted advertisements on the glass underneath. But a week later new plywood went up, recreating the same dark, creepy lounge atmosphere.

On the building next door there's a great old neon sign advertising hamburgers and chili. It's now a taqueria, but the sign remains. If you're on the Clark bus you have a perfect view into the place because of the bus stop. I once watched the woman behind the counter carefully and thoroughly pick her nose. I don't go to that taqueria.

Felix and i have a new game. I pretend to remove my nose and throw it across the room. Felix then removes his nose and throws it. I snatch his nose out of the air and attach it to my face. I then remove my ear and put it on his nose. Then we both remove our noses and ears and throw them across the room. It's great fun. Almost as much fun as the game where I pretend to eat and then vomit various large objects in the apartment.

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