Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Clark and Morse, northeast corner

Built: 1906
Alterations: c.1970

A few months ago there was an attempted robbery at this bank. An amazing amount of police were called in, and the news helicopters descended. At one point the robber released the hostages, which took off like shots through the alley. Hours later the police entered the bank to find it completely empty. The robber has left along with the hostages. Nevertheless, the news reported it as a huge success. No one was hurt. Bank robber still at large.

Although it looks like a bad idea from the 1970s, there's actually a nice building somewhere underneath the colonial red brick and creepy mansard roof. You can get a glimpse of it around the back.


  1. It's actually two separate buildings under that mess from the late 1950s.
    1st Commercial used to be in the now demolished Phillips Bank Building at Lunt.

  2. And one of those buildings may have been my great-grandfather John Pape's dry goods store in 1912. Its address was 6949 N. Clark.