Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clark and Lunt, northwest corner

7000-16 N. Clark
Built: c.1900
It's been a while since I've posted. What's happened lately?

-I went to the Traditional Building Conference over at Navy Pier last month.
-My old high school friend was in town briefly and came up to Rogers Park to visit.
-My great aunt Marion had her 90th birthday party.
-Chicago is laying off employees right and left.

Last weekend we drove to the Indiana Dunes where we saw the modern homes relocated there (via lake barge) after the 1933 World's Fair. We also visited a historic homestead and farm within the Dunes State Park. We stayed overnight at a very nice hotel, and went apple picking Monday morning. Felix enjoyed it, and we ended up with 10 lbs of apples and plenty of mosquito bites. Not a bad Columbus Day. I suppose now it's okay if it becomes rainy and cold.

The biggest news is that today is Felix's third birthday. Angela made a special snack for his class, and we're going to have a small party next weekend. Hard to believe it's been 3 years since he came to complicate and enrich our lives. Some of the time I feel like we invented him entirely, and he only exists as a part of ourselves. Other times I feel like he's the most unique and unpredictable being on the planet. Sometimes when I'm away from him I feel this strange ache, and I suddenly know why parents fill their offices with photographs and keepsakes. I suppose everyone has to invent parenthood for themselves, even if it seems trite and sentimental. It's okay to be trite and sentimental now and again, right?

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