Friday, November 7, 2008

Clark and Arthur, northwest corner

6501 N. Clark
Built: 1925
Architect: Standard Oil
Contractor: Wm. Socom Bldg Co.
Cost: $2,500

If this isn't the same building it's at least constructed on the same footprint as the original gas station.

I keep finding myself more interested in the exposed side of the apartment building next to this auto repair business. But I have to give it credit for nearly landscaping itself out of existence.

Felix's birthday party went really well, and the auditorium room at Indian Boundary Park was great. We played Pin the Tail on the Monster (monster poster courtesy of Angela) and everyone ate cupcakes and drank cider. Best of all the weather held, and afterwards everyone went outside to the playground. My parents were in town, which was a nice bonus.

Felix went trick-or-treating last week as the cutest little red devil you could imagine. It'll be my new profile photo, if I ever get around to it.

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  1. No, it's not the original, which was one of the old one or two pump ones where the cars pulled up under a canopy that was part of the design.
    This one was never a gas station, it was built as a restaurant that had two smokestacks with petals on the top like a Mississippi steamboat & had flames at the top.
    Real flames.
    Then for a long time it was a bakery discount outlet, day old bread & such.