Monday, June 25, 2012

Infrastructure #4

I thought I would repost this (from Feb. 2010) since CTA is actually starting to repair these stations.

This is the underpass for the L tracks at Lunt and Glenwood.  I seldom see one of these viaducts which isn't falling apart.  Instead of repairing them CTA (and Metra) tends to slap together elaborate steel supports.  Over the years water has seeped through every seam and creates little calcium formations underneath.  I wonder how long it will be until they need to replace all of these.  It would be a good opportunity to make these areas a little less creepy.

And why can't they can't get tenants for most of those little stores under the tracks?  Sure they're dark and cramped, but isn't that a selling point for some businesses?


  1. Instead of seeing to replace the entire embankment structure, the CTA should look into pre-fabricating the elements that make up the overpasses. With a few exceptions, such as at the curve at Loyola, they are all the same. That's how they were done originally. The embankment itself is sound and in good shape. The exterior may be shabby in spots, but such wear does not affect the structural integrity and can be patched effectively if done properly.

  2. Thanks Anonymous, I'll make sure to pass that along.

  3. I like the Fargo/Ashland EL underpass the best in Rogers Park
    not too many steel beams for the EL tracks up north....
    I will post pics for this eventually on everyblock......

  4. That is a good one. I remember trying to get through there with a stroller before they added the curb cuts.