Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clark and Estes, northwest corner 1900 and 2008

Combined Police Headquarters and Fire Department, c. 1900
In sad recognition of the recent closing of The Washing Well I'm reposting this from December of 2008.

The drawing to the right is adapted from a collection of historic Rogers Park photos published by the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society.  I've done a number of these "then and now" pairings, but this is one of my favorites.

The police and fire station at Clark and Estes also operated as the Rogers Park Town Hall prior to annexation to Chicago in 1893.

The Washing Well Laundromat, 2008


  1. WOw. I dont agree, the washing well biting the dust is okay by me. Too bad that the RP townhall didnt survive though, THAT wouldve been cool!!!
    The townhall predating its annexation.... WOW!!!
    Nice pics as usual.

  2. Thanks jeffo! Never used the Washing Well, but I always admired their sign. I have a close-up drawing somewhere...

  3. I still want to know what the city did with the drinking fountain that was in front of the police station & was still there for several years after it was torn down.
    It was a huge cast iron one that had three levels of water.
    At the bottom on the sidewalk side was a little section for dogs.
    In the middle on the street side was a section for horses & on the sidewalk side was a spout for people.