Thursday, April 1, 2010

1228-1230 W. Augusta

This is one of the most interesting areas my train passes.  To the west is the highway, to the north and east there's industry, but this residential pocket seems likely to stay.  Half of the lots are vacant, but the ones that aren't are divided between decaying older housing and new condos.  The house on the left is an 1880s Italianate which lost its decorative cornice and gable window altered.  The one on the right looks like it's been reconstructed.

Personal anecdote: It was my first day working at the new job downtown.  I was headed back to Rogers Park and as we passed the home on the left someone on the second floor mooned the entire train.  They had their behind so far out the window that a slight misstep would have led to a very embarrassing tragedy.

Also, is anything as ugly as the back of one of those massive billboard signs?  But I suppose if you overlook the Metra tracks you can get used to anything.


  1. I like your art and your unique presentation!
    at least someone else uses public transport like me!

  2. Thanks Jyoti! I've really been enjoying your Chicago landmark photos. -L