Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1720 N. Elston, Sipi Metals Corporation

Sipi Metals has been in business since 1905, and has facilities all over the country.  They seem to specialize in precious metals reclamation, such as from circuit boards, cell phones and laboratory equipment.  The Sanborn Fire Insurance map of 1914 indicates that this used to be the Johnson and Jennings Foundry, which makes sense.  In 1950 it was the Silverstein and Pinsof Smelting Co.  It has a certain Old Chicago look, although it must be very high-tech on the inside. 

When I first moved to Chicago I started to draw the city because I didn't feel very rooted.  Drawing forced me to slow down and take a closer look at things.  Nice to know this still works, even with my daily commute.

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