Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Backstage Spaces #4, Greenleaf Alley

Alley West of Clark between Greenleaf and Estes (2017)
I've been working periodically on some drawings of alleys and other service spaces in the neighborhood.  Sometimes it's a relief to go behind the geometry and ornament of a  facade to admire the more functional aspects of a building--  electrical connections, trash receptacles, parking, circulation... all of messy vitality that makes life in a dense city possible.  And then you see the real value of the alley.  It allows the illusion of order to step forward, no matter how much garbage might be stacked up in back.


  1. One of the very best alleys is here in Rogers Park. It is the only one with its own sidewalk. Brickwork on an adjacent building is fantastic / unique.

  2. This is a wonderful sketch. Hopperesque. What is the medium?

    1. Thank you! This is done with Micron pens on Aqua Bee marker pad. Maybe some Prismacolor marker for the solid blacks.