Saturday, July 5, 2008

Clark and Lunt, southeast corner detail

(This post reminds me that I used to enjoy using colored pencils.  Maybe it's time to dig those up again.  Also, apparently I used this blog as a personal journal. Weird.)

6975-81 N. Clark
Taqueria Hernandez

A nice Fourth of July. Felix and I played on the beach yesterday morning while Angela jogged with her friend Janet. Except for having to toss away pieces of glass, it was very nice. In the afternoon we went to the Morton Grove Fourth of July Festival where we enjoyed overpriced beer and funnel cakes with our friend Ruth and little Katherine. Maybe next year they'll be big enough for the rides, but this year they both took home big inflatable hammers. Felix slept like a log, despite some amazing explosions in our neighborhood.

Tomorrow is a Shure family barbecue in Evanston, which should be fun.

Southeast Corner of Lunt and Clark


  1. I find the Lunt side of the building far more interesting as it was obviously a bank at one time, indicated by the stone columns. They mirrored the columns of the former bank across Lunt, which had several names over the years, but started as the Phillips Trust Bank & apparently failed in the Great Depression.
    Do you have any photos of what the Clark side originally looked like?

  2. There's a great photo in the Illinois Digital Archives. Not sure if this link will work:
    Rogers Park National Bank, 6679 N. Clark, St. Chicago.

  3. Thanks for the link. But that's the wrong address. It should've been 6979, but the state archive managed to screw that up. The pho caption that was on the postcard is correct.

  4. I'm just impressed they had anything at all.