Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clark and Howard, east corners

7545 N. Clark
Built: 1928
Architect: J.A. Scanlon
Cost: $350,000

This building is one of the few to survive the Gateway complex constructed to the south and east.  It's a good building, although the renovation could have been better.  Bank on the first floor, and condos above.  If they sell.

Tonight we walked over to Charmers Cafe on Jarvis and Greenview for steamed bagels and Italian sodas. They had a 2 for 1 special on bagel sandwiches, which was awesome. Charmers Bar is gone, but not before giving rise to Charmers Cafe and a bagel shop. Very sensibly, the owner decided to combine the two. Dagel and Beli is somehow related to Bagel and Deli back in Oxford, Ohio where I was an undergraduate. While we were eating in an old circular booth Felix dozed in his stroller. I had the realization that I live in a pretty cool neighborhood. If only that used book store on the opposite corner was still in business...

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  1. The name was the Marquardt Building in the 150s & 60s.
    Between the Gateway Restaurant & the Marquardt was where you waited for the streetcars in the alcove of the building as they turned around the rear of the Gateway.