Monday, August 4, 2008

Clark and Morse, southeast corner

1703-07 W. Morse
Built: 2005

Above is a very handsome New Field elementary school, complete with a central court and clock tower.  This angle probably doesn't do it justice.  Previously there was a post office and apartment building here.  East on Morse there were a number of single family homes.  Still, not a bad addition to the neighborhood and desperately needed.

On Saturday I was a guest on a local radio show, "Live from the Heartland," on the Loyola station, WLUW. Normally it's broadcast from the Hearland Cafe, but there were technical difficulties. Three of us piled into a pickup truck and raced down to the Loyola campus, where the show went out from their studio. Goodbye free coffee. Anyway, we talked about Ultra Local Geography, and it was fun, even if very few people were listening. My parents actually listened from Lorain through the online broadcast.  Or so they claimed.


  1. This was the location of the Rogers Park Post Office until 196o, when the building on Devon was built, which is actually 2 separate buildings as the post office was finally forced to buy the building to the west of it by the local congressman.

  2. My great-grandfather John Pape's dry goods store was located across Morse at 6949 N. Clark in 1912.