Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farwell and Clark, northwest corner detail

6900 N. Clark
Lawyer's offices

Well, we made it back to Ohio for Anthony's wedding a few weeks back. We left Chicago at 8 p.m. and arrived in Lorain at 3 a.m. I only started hallucinating near the end, when I imagined the road being swallowed by a huge tiger in the distance. But the wedding was very well organized, and everything was close to our hotel. We even had some down time on Saturday morning, and made it to the Cleveland Zoo. Felix was on his best behavior, although he did spend most of the reception rolling around on the dance floor in his tiny tuxedo. I don't think anyone minded. And we had a day and a half in Lorain with my parents, which was nice.

We spent the following weekend at Lunt and Foster beaches, swimming and watching the air and water show. Chicago has great beaches, but the water doesn't really warm up until August. This past weekend we all went to the WTTW Fun and Run, where Felix had his picture taken with Cookie Monster. We would have waited for Elmo, but the line was crazy long. We also went to Fred and Sarah's apartment warming, where Felix was licked by a big dog and ate too many grapes. I'll miss the summer when it's gone.

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