Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clark, Rogers, and Jarvis- east corners

7369-7407 N. Clark
Flower shop, fruit market, fast food sub sandwiches

On the left is the flower shop where we got our wedding flowers.  They did a nice job.

On Saturday we took Felix to Kohl's Children's Museum in Glenview. Someone had a brilliant idea- create the most amazing toys, put a few educational plaques around and call it a museum. This may become our hang-out of choice in the winter.

It was cool in downtown Chicago today. It reminded me how much I look forward to fall in the city. That smell in the air, a chill in the shadows, and a sort of bright dustiness in the sun. I was out taking pictures of the restored stained-glass dome at the Chicago Cultural Center. Amazing job. Sometimes I remember how lucky I am to working in preservation in such an amazing city.

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