Friday, February 19, 2010

Brief Interlude in France

The other week I was off on Friday for Lincoln's Birthday.  Which actually isn't so unusual in Illinois.  It was a good opportunity to find a Valentine's Day gift for Angela.  In keeping with the "less is more" philosophy, I found an old blank postcard for $1 at an antique store on Broadway, south of Devon.  I picked something that looked kinda romantic and architectural.  I wrote my note on the back and packaged it with a huge bar of chocolate.  That was about as elaborate as I could manage. 

To my surprise, Angela decided to look up the intersection on Google.  And darned if she didn't find it! 
Admittedly, there are some fantastic buildings in Europe.  But there are also fantastic buildings which have been really mucked up.  Could this really have gone from a rusticated limestone facade to a cement parge painted orange?  Any why was the mansard roof eliminated?  Did that really provide a significant amount of space on the third floor?  And look at those aluminum windows replacing the elegant casements...

Thanks, Google Maps.  It's nice to know these things happen all over. 

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