Monday, February 8, 2010

Wabash Avenue Bridge

Built: 1930
Donald Becker, engineer
Clarence Rowe, engineer
Paul Schioler, engineer
This bridge was dedicated to longtime Sun-Times columnist Irv Kupcinet in 1986. Apparently it was featured in the opening sequence of "Perfect Strangers."  I haven't had the nerve to try and check this on iTube.  You can see the new Trump Tower (which replaced the Sun-Times building) in the background. 
On Sunday we took Felix to Garfield Park Conservatory.  Always a good way to spend a winter morning.  Later in the day we gritted our teeth and bought a new iMac at Old Orchard. 

Our old Mac was approaching 10 years old, and had been working more and more slowly.  We (okay, I) had put this off for months for no good reason.  If Angela ends up working part-time from home after the new baby we'll need a good computer.  Amazing to see the huge improvement in design and speed after 10 years.  I just hope we get it to work with our printer/scanner.  And our ancient version of Photoshop.  Otherwise it may be a while before I post new drawings. 

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