Thursday, February 11, 2010

Michigan Avenue Bridge

Built: 1920
Edward Bennet, architect
Thomas G. Pihlfeldt, engineer
Hugh Young, engineer
Time to revisit the Michigan Avenue Bridge.  Earlier I posted a detail of one of the bridge houses.  I could probably fill up a sketchbook with details from this, sculptural and structural.  Here's the previous post.  This just went through a multi-million dollar renovation, complete with new, historically appropriate, railings.
This bridge required four bond issues for funding, but it's worth it. Thanks, 1920s Chicago! Eventually the Riverwalk below will be lined with restaurants and mimes.  I guess.

I have two holidays coming up.  Lincoln's birthday tomorrow and Washington's birthday on Monday.  We take birthdays seriously around here.  Actually, last year these were holidays.  This year they're unpaid days off.  Yay recession!

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